Thursday, January 24, 2008

Red and White

Roses from the Littleton War Memorial Rose Garden

love from a flower

Just Lovely

Buy Me A Rose

The Red Imperial Rose

Red Rose

The flower of lovers

Snow white

Hot in the Cold

Beauty in the nature

Inside the woods

silhouettes at sunset

Clouds lighted up at sunset in the backdrop of silhouette of tree and hills in pawagarh in gujarat, india.

At peace

Swan the bird of love, always alone


Butterflies in the spring

zero privacy

in the nature

"Mating" Zebras

Hot in the action

Gold Coins

Money money money, Always honey

Dravite Tourmaline Nigeria 6,7ct

An expensive Gem stone

syn sapphire

RB with simple 16 facet pavilion and 2-tier step crown. Cut from a mystery boule -- it turned out to be syn corundum.

Citrine Nigeria 29,3ct

Precious Gem.
This is a beautiful stone and reflects ocre/yellow around the rim and some red flashes about the centre

Crystal Opal Ethiopia 11,05ct


Blue Tourmaline Afghanistan 1,95ct


Amethyst Nigeria 6,6ct

Fantastic Gem

22.24ct 19.07x15.98mm Cushion Hessonite Garnet From Sri Lanka

Cushion Hessonite Garnet From Sri Lanka

Diamond Age

This colorless synthetic diamond may pose a bit of a challenge to the African warlords and the De Beers cartel.

It is grown one carbon atom at a time in a customized CVD (chemical vapor deposition) process. A perfect seed crystal starts the process (over time, Apollo has enlarged the “seed” to wafer scale). The seed is placed in a microwave chamber with a hydrogen + methane plasma heated to 1300 degrees that rains reactive carbon down onto the seed, growing ~1 carat per 12 hours.

Although the manufacturing process should produce diamonds with fewer flaws than mined diamonds, this early diamond has some defects that I could only see with the macro lens (inclusions and a crown notch. I’m just happy to have a version with personality. =)

It is 8mm wide by 2mm deep. Right now the 2mm depth is the critical manufacturing limit, and it affects the ability to do a standard brilliant diamond cut. So this one is flat and wide. But they can make sheets of diamond with this thickness. Imagine a diamond window pane, or semiconductor wafers that can run at 81 Ghz without elaborate cooling.

Beach Voyeur

Sun bath in the Beach